Vermont Spay/Neuter

Vermont Spay Neuter

Affectionately Cats has partnered with Vermont Spay/Neuter (VSN).

Our very own Drs. Berger, and Kessler, along with 20-year employee Lisa Burt, are heading up the board of a non-profit organization called Vermont Spay/Neuter (VSN).

It is the mission of VSN to reduce the number of unwanted animals in our region. Spaying females and neutering males is currently the most humane and effective means known to achieve our goal of controlling animal overpopulation. By working with local humane societies, rescue groups, and individuals, we hope to be able to reach out to and serve a large population of animals in our region not currently receiving this care.  It is the desire of Affectionately Cats that all have access to these essential services of spaying and neutering, and we are proud to partner with VSN in this effort.

All VSN surgeries performed at Affectionately Cats are scheduled on Tuesdays.  The cost to spay a female is $60 and to neuter a male is $50 (cash only) which is due at the time your cat is admitted.

To schedule an appointment for one of these procedures, please call 802- 860-CATS(2287).  Please note that it is critical for you to withhold food (but not water) from your cat for 12 hours before admitting for surgery.


How you can help:

It takes a lot of supplies to ensure that the cats we spay & neuter get the proper care, and we are in need of the following:

white T-shirts
zip ties
electric clippers
heating pad
4′ x 4′ rubber floor matt
cat carriers

If you would like to donate any of these items, please drop them off at our clinic during regular business hours or call for more information.


To learn more:

Call: 802-860-2296
Visit: Dr. Denise Kessler on her Facebook page


Save Time when you come in:

Download and fill out this Vermont Spay/Neuter Admit Form