Flea and Heartworm Season

Welcome to SPRING, when the fleas and ticks come out, along with the birds and flowers!  Besides being a nuisance, fleas and ticks can spread serious diseases to your pets and pose a serious risk to your cat’s health. It is time to start your cats on their monthly flea and heartworm preventative medications. We recommend that cats be protected against fleas, ticks, and heartworms during the warmer months, usually between April and November.

Is it a hassle to treat your cats with flea and tick protection once a month? Is your cat over 2.6lbs and older than 3 months?  We are excited to announce the arrival of Bravecto, a topical medication that provides THREE MONTHS of protection against fleas, dog ticks, deer ticks, and ear mites. Bravecto starts killing fleas within the first 8 hours of application and is approved by the FDA. Call 860-2287 or stop by to learn more about Bravecto.

It is especially important to protect against heartworm because there is no treatment for cats after they are infected. Heartworm is a serious condition in pets that is spread through mosquito bites.  If your cat has heartworms, products like Advantage Multi kill the baby heartworms, which may cause the cat to go into anaphylactic shock. Additionally, it is very difficult to determine if your cat is already infected with heartworms, as there is not a definitive test that can be done for heartworms in cats. Prevention is the only way to protect your cats against heartworms. We recommend using a monthly Heartguard chewable, or using a flea treatment medication which also protects against heartworms (Advantage Multi or Revolution).

We have the following products available:

  • Bravecto- A topical treatment that protects cats from fleas, deer ticks, dog ticks, and ear mites for 3 months.
  • AdvantageMulti -A monthly topical solution that protects against fleas, heartworms, round worms, and ear mites.
  • Seresto Collar- A break-away-collar that repels ticks before they can attach.  Provides 8 months of flea and tick protection.  Make sure to ask us about the $15 coupon available.
  • Ovitrol- An affordable monthly topical treatment for fleas and deer ticks.
  • Heartguard- A chewable treat given monthly that prevents heartworms from developing.

It is important to get your flea and tick protection medication from a veterinarian to ensure safety and maximum effectiveness. Call 860-2287 or stop by the hospital today to get your flea and tick medication!