Fix by Five

The Marian’s Dream Fix by Five Months Program advocates that the age for spaying/neutering cats be moved back by just four to six weeks from the typical six month standard.

This small change would remove the risk of unwanted litters by ensuring that these “tween” kittens will not have that accidental first “whoops” litter. A study by Andrew Rowan projected that close to 90% of unwanted kittens and pups are born to mothers who would be spayed after the litter was born.


Here at Affectionately Cats, we see the benefits of the Fix by Five program and wholeheartedly recommend it to our clients.

There are many resources on the Fix by Five website that we highly encourage you read.

We recommend you start with Why Fix by Five Months?

If you would like to discuss your options and whether or not fixing your cat by five months is a good idea, please call to schedule an appointment today!

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