Easter Dangers for Cats

Easter Holiday Hazards for Pets was released by M. Kathleen Shaw, DVM from the Vermont Veterinary Medical Association and we wanted to be sure you read it!

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Easter is a time of treats and traditions, but some of these can be dangerous to your cat. Here are some tips from Dr. Shaw:

“Some Easter candy may have artificial sweeteners such as xylitol, which can cause a rapid severe drop in blood sugar in dogs and cats, leading to seizures and death.”

“Cats especially love to chew on (and swallow) long stringy things like fake grass and it can cause severe damage and even death if it gets caught in their intestines.”

“Easter lilies (all species) are highly toxic to cats. ¬†Even simply sniffing the pollen or eating one leaf of certain species can cause life-threatening kidney failure in cats. This is even more heart breaking as often it is younger kittens (who get into everything) who are affected. If your cat chews on or eats any part of an Easter lily, call your veterinarian immediately.”

These tips for keeping your cat safe during the holidays may also help!

Happy Easter and keep those kitties safe!