Dr Berger’s Pets

We thought it would be fun to give you a peek into the lives of our staff’s pets!

Today Dr Berger tells us about her pets and shares some pictures!


I adopted Sugar and Matilda guinea pigs through Turtle Hill Farm Animal Sanctuary in Vermont, having been rescued from a dumpster in CT.


Rocky was an orphaned 3 week old kitten that I bottle fed and raised.
Toby was a stray that a client had rescued in Addison County. I was immediately touched by his personality and friendliness despite his hard start in life. I adopted him soon after since he was very territorial and aggressive to the client’s other cat and could not stay in her home. I thought he was going to be a single cat for me with his cat aggression issues….. until I brought baby Rocky home years later. Rocky was so small that Toby didn’t seem to recognize him as a cat and accepted him fully. Today they are best buddies.Toby does not seem to realize that Rocky is now bigger than he is! I am so grateful that Rocky came into our lives, bringing the love of another cat into Toby’s life.
I adopted Tyson through Green Mountain Pug Rescue at age 3, his third owner by that point. Tyson will be 15 in June. He is deaf, has very poor vision, has arthritis and kidney disease and he is by my side every possible moment. My forever friend. What great years we have shared together. Toby spends hours each day in the room with the guinea pigs. He seems to enjoy their chirps and chatter and company.

All 5 of my pets make me smile every day!