Confessions from a Cat Doctor

Barnabus The Cat

Meet Barnabas. He’s 3 (maybe) and very lovable.


But here’s my confession: Barnabas has a few annoying habits.


Like how he thinks “Laundry” is a game we play, where I hang clothes on the drying rack so he can knock them down.

Or the way he rubs and rubs against my reading lamp, until it falls over.

He thinks all pens are cat toys. (Sorry, Grandma, for how illegible my recent letters have been.)

And I just KNOW he gets up on the kitchen counters when I’m not watching.

So he’s not perfect. But he’s mine, and I’m willing to work with his quirks in exchange for the smiles he brings.

We’re practicing “sit” and “shake” this week. Got to get all that energy out somehow!

What’s your cat’s most lovable quirk?