Is your cat shedding more than usual?

Have you noticed that your cat has been shedding more lately? Here are some of the most common reasons a cat could be experiencing increased hair loss this time of year.

Seasonal. This time of year, cats can experience increased shedding due to the increased hours of daylight. Increased seasonal shedding is usually seen in spring and autumn, as the days become longer.

Fleas. Fleabites can irritate the skin, causing hair loss. Does your cat’s skin appear irritated? Is the hair loss occurring in patches? Especially this time of year, as fleas and ticks are coming out with the warmer weather, it is important to ensure that your cat does not have fleas. To check for fleas, run a flea comb from their neck to the base of their tail. If you find any fleas or flea dirt, make sure to start your cat on a monthly flea treatment. See our recent blog post about fleas and ticks to find the product right for your cat.

Stress. Have you recently brought home a new pet or moved recently? Have you personally been experiencing more stress lately? All of these situations can cause increased anxiety in your cat, which can result in hair loss. While an exam and consultation with one of our doctors may be appropriate, we highly recommend trying our Feliway products. Feliway mimics a pheromone in cats that is released when a cat feels secure and safe in an environment, and is scientifically proven to help comfort and reassure pets. We have Feliway available both as a plug-in for your home or in a spray.

These are just a few of the reasons your cat could be experiencing increased hair loss. If you are concerned about your cat’s increased hair loss, please call us to set up an appointment at 802-860-2287.