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Rose the cat up for adoption


Hi people,

10 years ago I went home from Central VT Humane Society. I was about 3 years old then. They named me Rose.

More recently my person brought a girl home who also had a dog – yuck. We didn’t get along so after 10 years I ended up back at CVHS.

On 2/23/19 my new parents showed up and brought me and another cat home together. I heard them say that we should all get along fine because we had been living in the same room together at CVHS.

Turns out, I probably should have remained an only child. My mom and dad have tried so many different things to help us get along and they are constantly strategizing with my doctor about what to try next. Unfortunately, it seems at this point what would be best for me is to make a home where I am the only pet and can be the center of attention. Yes, I am 13 but Mom says I act half my age 🙂 I really am a happy-go-lucky girl. Sometimes they call me their little social butterfly. They also sometimes call me Wild Rose or Cackling Rose. Silly people. Anyway, I love to sit high on a perch and watch out the window and play with my puzzle feeder toy. Mom says I’m smart and dad says I’m a good girl. I love to sleep on the bed with them. Mom and dad are so sad that I need another more quiet home but I know that they just want what is best for me.

My brother Charlie has been struggling more so Mom and Dad need to keep trying to get him healthy and out of his shell.

If you have no other animal friends in your life, I promise I would make you smile for many years to come. Thanks for thinking of me.

Affectionately, Rose Cat


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