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Vermont Spay Neuter

Vermont Spay/Neuter (VSN) – Low cost clinic

Due to COVID-19 our first availability will not be until May.

These services are provided by our very own Drs Berger, Kessler, and Miner, along with a skilled team of staff and volunteers. We offer the service every other Wednesdays here at Affectionately Cats.

Our Mission

We strive to reduce the number of unwanted animals in our region. Spaying females and neutering males is currently the most humane and effective means known to achieve this goal of controlling animal overpopulation. By working with local humane societies, rescue groups, and individuals, we hope to be able to reach out to and serve a large population of animals in our region not currently receiving this care.  It is the desire of Affectionately Cats that all have access to these essential services of spaying and neutering, and we are proud to host VSN in this effort.

All VSN surgeries performed at Affectionately Cats are scheduled on Wednesdays. The cost to spay a female or to neuter a male is $99 . We accept CASH ONLY, due at the time your cat is admitted.



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